Lighted Extension Cord Ultra Duty 12 AGW/3 50'

Lighted Extension Cord Ultra Duty 12 AGW/3 50'

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12 AWG/3, a robust and high-performance extension cord designed for demanding environments. Measuring 50 feet in length, this extension cord features a durable construction and a lighted end to provide visibility and reliability for both professional and residential use.

Key Features:

  1. Ultra Duty Construction: Built with 12-gauge, 3-conductor (12 AWG/3) wire, this extension cord ensures maximum durability and superior power handling, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.
  2. Lighted End: The cord features a lighted end that illuminates when the power is on, providing a clear visual indication of power status and enhancing safety and convenience in low-light conditions.
  3. Extended Reach: With a length of 50 feet, this extension cord provides ample reach for a wide range of tasks, reducing the need for multiple cords and enhancing efficiency on the job site or around the home.
  4. Heavy-Duty Insulation: The cord is encased in a rugged, weather-resistant jacket that protects against abrasion, moisture, and UV exposure, ensuring long-lasting performance in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  5. Versatile Use: Perfect for powering tools, appliances, and equipment in construction sites, workshops, garages, and home projects, offering reliable power distribution wherever it's needed.
  6. Flexible and Easy to Handle: Despite its heavy-duty construction, the cord remains flexible in cold weather, making it easy to maneuver and coil for storage.
  • Wire Gauge: 12 AWG (American Wire Gauge)
  • Conductors: 3
  • Length: 50 feet
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Heavy-duty, weather-resistant jacket
  • Features: Lighted end for power indication

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Lighted Extension Cord Ultra Duty 12 AGW/3 50'
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