Harvard Pro-Smoke Hydrogen Peroxide Aqueous Solution 1 Quart

Harvard Pro-Smoke Hydrogen Peroxide Aqueous Solution 1 Quart

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Harvard Pro-Smoke Hydrogen Peroxide Aqueous Solution is a professional-grade cleaner and deodorizer specifically formulated to eliminate smoke odors and stains from a variety of surfaces. Utilizing the powerful oxidizing properties of hydrogen peroxide, this solution penetrates deep to neutralize odors and break down residues, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Packaged in a convenient 1-quart container, Harvard Pro-Smoke provides a reliable and effective solution for maintaining clean and fresh environments.

Key Features:

  • Smoke Odor Elimination: Effectively neutralizes and eliminates smoke odors from fire, cigarettes, and more.
  • Stain Removal: Breaks down and removes smoke stains and residues from a variety of surfaces.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Power: Utilizes hydrogen peroxide for deep cleaning and deodorizing action.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for use on walls, ceilings, furniture, carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Formulated to be safe for use around people and pets when used as directed.
  • Convenient Packaging: Comes in a practical 1-quart container for easy handling and storage.


  • Residential Cleaning: Ideal for removing smoke odors and stains from household surfaces after fire incidents or prolonged cigarette smoke exposure.
  • Commercial Cleaning: Suitable for use in offices, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial environments affected by smoke.
  • Restoration Services: Perfect for professional restoration companies dealing with fire and smoke damage cleanup.
  • Specialized Cleaning: Effective for specific tasks such as deodorizing and cleaning rental properties, vehicles, and public spaces exposed to smoke.

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