Easy Clean Labs Pro. Carpet Cleaning Solution HCR-103 1 Gallon

Easy Clean Labs Pro. Carpet Cleaning Solution HCR-103 1 Gallon

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The Easy Clean Labs Professional Carpet Cleaning Solution HCR-103 is a high-performance cleaning product specifically formulated to tackle tough stains and dirt on carpets. Ideal for both residential and commercial use, this powerful solution ensures deep cleaning and rejuvenation of carpets, leaving them looking and smelling fresh.

Key Features:

  • Deep Cleaning Formula: Specially designed to penetrate deep into carpet fibers, breaking down and lifting dirt, grime, and stains for a thorough clean.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Formulated to be safe for use around children and pets, ensuring a healthy and safe environment.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for use with various carpet cleaning machines, including hot water extractors, steam cleaners, and manual applications.
  • Deodorizing Action: Not only cleans but also neutralizes odors, leaving carpets with a fresh, pleasant scent.
  • Concentrated Solution: Highly concentrated formula ensures effective cleaning while being economical. Dilute as recommended for optimal results.
  • Residue-Free: Leaves no sticky residue, preventing rapid re-soiling and keeping carpets cleaner for longer.


  • Residential Carpets: Ideal for deep cleaning and maintaining carpets in homes, effectively removing everyday dirt and stains.
  • Commercial Spaces: Suitable for use in offices, hotels, and other commercial environments where carpets endure heavy foot traffic.
  • Rugs and Upholstery: Can also be used to clean area rugs and upholstered furniture, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning solution.

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